Art Glass San Diego

Artistic San Diego stained glass, decorative and all purpose glass
211 Highland Ave. National City CA, 91950
Phone: 619 789 7109
Nextel: 125*132381*2

About Us

Our products’ quality control is as follows: When standing three meters distance away from the glass, if not a single imperfection can be noticed, the product is considered an accepted glass. In case that something happens to any piece of the glass (breaking of a part, etc.), and that piece is discontinued from the market, or if it has any alteration in its texture or finishing, we will replace it with a similar one. This is due to the fact that many glass producing companies have ceased to operate and producing; which is important to find a glass or product that might be needed or required.
It is now possible to make a figure from anyone’s image, regardless of age. We can mark that point in life of our customers by leaving it in a unique copy; a replica in their glass.
In all restorations, it is our customers’ responsibility to cater for glass pieces, as those from tables, jars, mirrors, or anything that might be lost in the transition from their location to our workshop. It is also their responsibility to watch for the handling of pieces, either for engraving cut, beveled or welded, when transported by them from our workshop to any location and we are not responsible for their value.
Our customers’ property is our main priority and if any incident might present that is not foresighted, in most occasions, 80% of the lost pieces are recovered.